About us


We loved overland adventuring in our 1987 VW Syncro and just purchased a 2003 Sportsmobile.  Getting stuck is part of the adventure and we believe that The Max is the best piece of equipment to get home.

  • The MAX Multipurpose Tool Kit is the reliable, durable, and lightweight hand tool solution most used by the US Army, reducing weight, space, and cost on light weight and medium weight tactical vehicles in the field.
  • The MAX has become a standard spec component of nearly all of the US Army’s Light and Medium Tactical Vehicles, including AM General’s HMMWV, Force Protection’s Buffalo, Textron’s M1117 Security Vehicle, BAE’s Caiman, General Dynamics’ LAV-25, and spec’d for the upcoming JLTV.
  • The MAX is a seven-tools-in-one multipurpose solution for all long handle tool needs. The complete tool menu includes an Ax/Sledge, a Shovel, a Mattock, a Pick, a Broad Pick, and a heavy-duty reversible Rake and Hoe, all fitting into a compact kit with a combined weight of only 12.5 lb.!

The entire kit is completely made in the USA.